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The Dojo District is a self-contained visual production company that provides discounted services for aspiring creatives and professional storytellers.

Our goal is to share stories in alternative universes to push the boundaries of animation and storytelling through the eyes of marginalized groups.


We aim to highlight POC content creators and share resources and networks to amplify each other through the lens of anime. 

Kelvin "Lee" Lewis is an award-winning music producer, screenwriter, and aspiring film director based in Phoenix, AZ. Kelvin started Atomic Valor in 2020 in an attempt to highlight historical intersections between Japanese anime and Black American cultures. Kelvin’s overall goal is to provide a safe and creative universe for marginalized people to share their artistic visions.  He serves as executive producer of the upcoming film "The Floating Koto" as well as the main creative force of the Atomic Valor universe. 

Brandon Hampton is a screenwriter residing in Los Angeles, California. He cites creative influences from movies, television, music, anime, and video games that help him shape his vision. Working on Atomic Valor has allowed him to pull in from all these influences and is working towards becoming a director next. He also serves as executive producer of the upcoming short film "The Floating Koto"

Wendy Cruz serves as chief administrator of the Dojo District universe. Her roles include website editor, press management, and story editor for Atomic Valor. She also serves as executive producer of the upcoming film "The Floating Koto". Her hobbies include watching films, comics, and anime. 

Shelley Johnson II serves as the Creative Director for the Dojo District Universe, responsible for the artistic direction and creative vision for the entire world of Atomic Valor.
Quote: "I believe it is a competitive advantage to have pride and confidence in your work, but not an ego. I hope to continue collaborating with creatives and working on projects that positively impact our culture while creating a path for future creatives to follow." He also serves as executive producer of the upcoming film "The Floating Koto"







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